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Fave Vid Teaser [IU’s Between The Lips (50cm)] ⇹ 3/3


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↳ anon asked: IU or Ailee


20140525 Small Theatre Concert - HQ photos of IU playing the drums

cr: 덜덜2

If you hear this song, please come to me
My dear, I’m waiting.

[TRANSLATION] 140516 IU remake album 'A Flower Bookmark' Recording BTS →



[My Old Story]


Totally not smiling, IU looks slightly nervous during the recording. Perhaps since it’s the title song, she looks more serious than usual. At the recording studio with Cho Deok Baek seonsaengnim, he starts explaining the background behind the song and how to express the…

[Collation post] All translations and subbed videos for IU’s remake album ‘A Flower Bookmark’



Greeting Messages

Album Jacket Photoshoot BTS

'My Old Story' MV Filming BTS

Recording Studio BTS

The above translations and subs were proudly brought to you by squishy, Sotong_Q and whitegirl_ladyy, using 참사랑’s yt videos.